Our wedding party

Our wedding party is a mixture of friends and family who hold very special places in our hearts.  We want to thank each and every one of them for being a part of this journey with us.

Rachel 's attendants
  • Bridget Riepl, Matron Of Honor
  • Katie Seamon, Maid Of Honor
  • Caitlyn Painter, Bridesmaid
  • Kristin Farawell, Bridesmaid
  • Heather Dube, Bridesmaid
  • Jennifer Holland, Bridesmaid
  • Lucille McNamee, Bridesmaid
  • Jessica Remo, Bridesmaid
Mark's attendants
  • Jonathan Painter, Best Man
  • Mark Bahnuk, Best Man
  • Michael Seamon, Groomsman
  • Tim Donegan, Groomsman
  • Eric Buhman, Groomsman
  • Michael McGinley, Groomsman
  • Brett Canna, Groomsman
  • Peter Magliaro, Groomsman
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